Research & Development

VF 1883 is in the planning process of developing a state-of-the-art R&D Centre that will support the company’s vision to develop safe oral and topical medical preparations containing well characterized and specifically defined Cannabis-derived active ingredients.
VF 1883 Pharmaceuticals is strongly committed to conduct research in close cooperation with academia, industry and regulatory authorities to meet and help defining standards in the Medical Cannabis area. Experimental medicines developed by VF 1883 Pharmaceuticals and its partners in consortia shall be used in a wide array of clinical trials.
VF 1883 Pharmaceuticals is fully committed to conduct and participate in such trials, thus fulfilling our ambition of promoting a regulated and homeostatic use of Medical Cannabis.
VF 1883 Pharmaceuticals strongly believes that its active ingredients will be able to positively impact the lives of those suffering from conditions like epilepsy, such as that related to Lennox-Gastaute and Dravet syndromes, chronic pain associated to rheumatoid and idiopathic juvenile arthritis; osteogenesis imperfecta; cancer, as well as psycho-somatic stress related to conditions such as work peaks and career-related distress; fear of flight; smoking; anorexia; and congenital and traumatic paralysis.

To achieve its R&D goals, VF 1883 aims at:  

1 – Apply innovative techniques in the development of proprietary cultivars specifically designed to treat unmet medical needs.
2 – Utilise proven biotechnology methods to ensure the consistent production of standardised batches.
3 – Develop proprietary methods for the extraction and purification of medical plant-based active ingredients.
4 – Utilise omics-based technologies and data mining to holistically screen for therapeutic mechanisms and applications.
5 – Develop therapeutic formulations in conjunction with health-care practitioners ensuring inter-disciplinary, personalised and one-health approaches to clinical practice.

  Researching the future takes time, Stay informed!